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The DISEASE CONTROL BRANCH is committed to the protection of public health through early detection, intervention and treatment of communicable diseases!

The Disease Control Branch provides a variety of services to the individual and the community: preventive care (TB screening); treatment of acute problems (tuberculosis); and investigations to prevent the spread of certain communicable diseases.

The Communicable Disease Program provides investigation, consultation and information on contagious diseases, including water and food borne outbreaks. The program provides referrals for post-exposure treatment for individuals exposed to a communicable disease, if indicated.

Contact the Communicable Disease Program at: (951) 358-5107

Disease Watch

Disease Watch

Riverside County Human Cases:
Travel Associated: 16  Locally Acquired: 0
(Last Updated 4/21/17)
CDPH Zika-Health Information
Zika FAQ English/Spanish (Updated April, 2017)
What is Zika? (Video)

Travel Alerts:
Health and Travel Advisory/Zika  (Feb. 2017)
Travel Alert for Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue (May 2016)
Travel Health Notices
Zika travel reminder from CDPH  (Feb. 8, 2017) 

World TB Day--March 2017
2016 TB Fact Sheet
CDC: World TB Day -- March 24, 2017

West Nile: Human cases: 10 Deaths: 0
(Updated 1/6/17)
2015: 138* Deaths: 6**
Riverside County Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser discusses the West Nile Virus (Video)
West Nile GIS map at:

Individuals 0-64 years of age:
ICU: 27 cases
Influenza related deaths: 2
(Last updated 3/31/17)

Surveillance Report (Updated 3/31/17)
Weekly Influenza Snapshot (3/19/17-3/25/17)
FluView - 2016-2017 Season Week 2 ending 1/14/17 
View Advisories
CDPH Report
Surveillance Report  Archive

Leprosy (Hansen's Disease):
Frequently Asked Questions
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*Probable and Confirmed Cases.

**Includes deaths in which the patient had the illness but it could not be determined West Nile was the cause of death.

Older items have been moved to the Archive page.

Updated 4/21/17


Programs / Services

  • Health Care Provider's Section

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Tuberculosis Control

  • Pertussis

  • Communicable Disease Reporting

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