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Communicable Disease Reporting

Confidential Morbidity Report Form (all except Tuberculosis and conditions reportable to DMV)
Confidential Morbidity Report Form (Tuberculosis only)
Confidential Morbidity Report Form (DMV)

Confidential Morbidity Report forms must be completely filled out. All of the requested information is essential, including the lab information for selected diseases. All phone, fax and mailed reports are to be made to the Disease Control Office in Riverside, with the following exceptions. Reports of Syphilis in Eastern Riverside County (from Palm Springs to Blythe) should be phoned to the Indio office. Reports of Non-Gonoccocal Urethritis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Chlamydia and Gonoccocal Infections in Eastern Riverside County should be phoned, faxed or mailed to the Indio office.

To order CMR forms, contact the Riverside office listed below or download CMR as PDF.

Disease Reporting Requirements


  • Diseases to be Reported Immediately by Telephone
  • Diseases or Suspected Diseases to be Reported Within One Day of Identification
  • Diseases to be Reported Within Seven Calendar Days
  • Reportable Non-Communicable Diseases & Conditions

State law requires that health care providers report diseases of public health importance. Physicians, nurses, dentists, coroners, laboratory directors, school officials and other persons knowing of a CASE OR SUSPECTED CASE of any of the following diseases or conditions are required to report them to the local Department of Health.

REF: California Administrative Code, Title 17, §2500.

Directions for Reporting All Diseases
(Except HIV/AIDS, Report All HIV/AIDS cases here)

Extremely urgent conditions (i.e., Anthrax, Botulism, Cholera, Dengue, Diphtheria, Food Borne Disease, Plague, Rabies and Relapsing Fever) are to be reported immediately by telephone, 24 hours a day, to the appropriate number listed below.

Other Urgent conditions should be reported by telephoning or faxing within one (1) working day of identification of the case or suspected case.

Non-urgent conditions are to be reported within seven (7) calendar days from the time of identification.

How to Report All HIV/AIDS Cases:


Mail in a double envelope stamped “Confidential” TO:  

HIV/AIDS Program/Surveillance unit
P.O. Box 7600
Riverside, CA 92513-7600 

PHONE#: (951) 358-5307 or 1-800-243-7275  

ALWAYS USE CDC FORM 50.42A, Rev 01/2000 /50.42B, Rev 09/96 (Adult Confidential Case Report/Pediatric Confidential Case Report)  

Title 17, California Code of Regulations,
Section 2500
Reportable Diseases and Conditions


§2500 (b) It shall be the duty of every health care provider, knowing of or in attendance on a case of any of the diseases or conditions listed below, to report to the local health officer for the jurisdiction where the patient resides. Where no health care provider is in attendance, any individual having the knowledge of a person who is suspected to be suffering from one of the diseases or conditions listed below may make such a report to the local health officer for the jurisdiction where the patient resides.

§2500 (c) The administrator of each health facility, clinic or other setting where more than one health care provider may know of a case, a suspected case or an outbreak of disease within the facility shall establish and be responsible for administrative procedures to assure that reports are made to the local health officer.

§2500 (a) (14 “'Health care provider” means a physician and surgeon, a veterinarian, a podiatrist, a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, a registered nurse, a nurse midwife, a school nurse, an infection control practitioner, a medical examiner, a coroner, or a dentist

Animal bites by a species subject to rabies are reportable in order to identify persons potentially requiring prophylaxis for rabies. Additionally, vicious animals identified may be controlled by this regulation and local ordinances (California Administration Code, Title 17, Sections 2606 et seq.: Health and Safety Code Sections 121575-120435). Reports can be filed with the local Animal Control Agency or Humane Society. The County Animal Control office may assist in filing your report. Call (951) 358-7387 or go the County Animal Services site. Click here for Report Form.

The Health and Safety Code, Section 105200, requires that a physician who knows, or who has reason to believe, that a patient has a pesticide-related illness or condition must report the case to the local County Health Office by phone within 24 hours. For occupational exposure, there is an additional requirement to send the "Doctor's First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness" to the Department of Health within 7 days. Phone reports may be made to (951) 358-5107 OR 358-5266; OR faxed to (951) 358-5102 OR 358-5446; copies of the report forms  (OEH-700 rev. 9/06 and California Form 5021 rev. 4 1992) may be obtained from the same office or at the web site for the State Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessments.

Under state law (Chapter 841, Statutes of 1985) invasive or in situ malignancies (including CIN III of the cervix), except basal and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin, diagnosed on or after June 1, 1988 which have not been admitted to a California hospital for diagnosis or treatment of cancer, and will not be referred to a California hospital for diagnosis or treatment must be reported to the County Health Department on a Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) form. For additional information on cancer reporting requirements please contact the Region 5 Cancer Surveillance Program at (909) 558-6170 or e-mail at: The web site is accessible through the California Cancer Registry web site.

FAX, Phone and Address for Reporting 

Phone - (951) 358-5107
Fax - (951) 358-5102 

Disease Control Branch
P.O. Box 7600
Riverside, CA 92513-7600

For STD Reports:
Phone - (951) 358-7820
Fax - (951) 358-6007 

Phone - (951) 358-5107
Fax - (951) 358-5102 

Disease Control Branch
P.O. Box 7600
Riverside, CA 92513-7600

Department of Public Health
Disease Control Branch
Health Administration Building
4065 County Circle Drive, Riverside, CA 92503
(951) 358-5107 | FAX 358-5446 | TDD 358-5124 | Email: