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Breaking News - Video of Press Conference - TB Case Indio High School

Tuberculosis Control Program

The Tuberculosis Control Program performs disease detection, surveillance, chemoprophylaxis, treatment, case management, and investigatory activities designed to control the incidence of tuberculosis in the County. The program provides tuberculosis information and educational resources for the Department, medical community, and public.

Medications, chest x-rays, and laboratory tests are provided for those with Tuberculosis Disease (TB) and their contacts. Fees for service are based on a sliding scale. We accept MediCal/MIA.

Contact the Tuberculosis Control Program at: (951) 358-5107.

Here are some other Tuberculosis resources:

  • Connect IE

  • California Tuberculosis Controller Association

  • American Lung Association

  • California Thoracic Association

  • California Department of Public Health – Tuberculosis Control

  • Curry International Tuberculosis Center

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Tuberculosis

Department of Public Health
Disease Control Branch
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